Saltby Farms are part of the River Eye Catchment Scheme.

The aim of this scheme is to help landowners to:

  • Reduce and control track, gateway and soil erosion;
  • Reduce sediment and nutrients entering water from crossings and livestock near watercourses;
  • Improve livestock and arable yard drainage management to prevent sediment and nutrient contamination of watercourses.

We aim to do this through the installation of:

  • Watercourse fencing
  • Hard bases for livestock drinkers and feeders
  • Pipework
  • Livestock drinking trough with associated pipework
  • Yard works for clean and dirty water separation
  • Piped culverts in ditches
  • Resurfacing of gateways
  • Livestock and machinery tracks and associated livestock fencing
  • Roofing of  livestock gathering areas